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Agazit Afeworki is a multimedia journalist based in Brooklyn, New York. She studied journalism at the University of Washington and in 2015 she received a Hearst Multimedia Award placement for her reportage on two community vigils following ISIS killings. 

Her vocational passion is concentrated in design and its respective industries. Within the ambit of her work, her multimedia stories examine the socio-cultural landscape of design through its impactors. In the eclipsing advent of information ubiquity, she believes that interdisciplinary work is practiced by most and through design we gain access to emerging makers.

Growing up, she would make her way over to her family's makeshift laundry nook to reread—originally out of boredom—a laminated print of Jon Swain's 1998 article titled Back to Hell in the Horn of Africa, aging above the dryer. Swain's account of the merciless border-fought war between Eritrea and Ethiopia traumatically portrayed abject bloodshed in a moving medium. Stories began to appear as more than a constellation of words. In the early aughts of the 2000s she edited a dogmatic blog featuring stories of yore (elementary school), then undefined synesthesia toward James Baldwin's Sonny's Blues and the emergence of Myspace rappers.

Fortunately through evolution, her writing developed into greater modes beyond self.

Today, she observes Seattle's eclectic art scene, scrubs the net for 00s Jil Sander, and reads more articles than she can bookmark (neo-lamination).

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